Monday, June 11, 2001

Great weekend, East End Festival (party in the streets), Elixir at Club Red (an event by RJ Reynolds to promote Camels by luring unsuspecting people with bellydancers, fortune telling and free drinks), cake sampling (to help my sis Sherri decide where to get her wedding cake), dinner at Bahama Breeze (my new favorite restaurant) with Jenny and Aaron, then off to see Moulin Rouge (a funny movie, worth seeing).

Oh, and according to the fortune teller, I am "very bubbly, have alot of friends, am very happy, people look forward to seeing my smile... and (yikes) will be pregnant by September and will have a girl". I believed her until I realized she seemed to be alternating between stating the obvious (yes, after 3 drinks I'm VERY bubbly and happy) and guessing based on norms (married but no kids yet, so probably trying... etc.). It was a fun experience though. She knew some uncanny stuff about others, so you never know... Want your own, try an online Psychic reading.

Insider Cake Trading

In offering to help my sister with some of her wedding planning, I've realized that it is rather easy to solicit free or almost free cake from virtually every bakery in town. I called four bakeries on Friday and 3 out of 4 offer free cake on any given day and 1 offered 7" sample cakes for a mere $2.50. I bought one of the sample cakes and it was scrumptious. My sister says, "let's just order the cake from Wojtczak's so you don't have to keep running around." I said, "you can do whatever you want but I'm still going to go taste free cake, you can't stop me."

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