Friday, June 01, 2001


My brother Eddie is ok after his back surgery but the titanium disc hadn't fused so they had to do the more extensive surgery, which means an incisions in his back, hip, and stomach... and he woke up to find a hole in his neck (from an iv/catheter or something) which he's not happy about, actors shouldn't have too many scars. He called my Mom this morning to say he felt good but was very tired. I'm going to go order him up a cookie-gram or something yummy like that.

Background info (I'm going to start doing this so my blogs have more context): My brother Eddie lives in Las Vegas, while the rest of the family lives here in Rochester, NY. Eddie is 33 now, became addicted to drugs shortly after graduating high school, had Hodgkin's Disease when he was 21, his first back surgery at about 25, his second back surgery last year, and his 3rd back surgery yesterday. He's a Scorpio who ended his man-slut days to get married last October and celebrated 2 years of sobriety last month. There, that should catch you all up.

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