Wednesday, June 20, 2001

Normal is a Myth

I'm all settled in my new office, it's rather nice. I have my "Normal is a Myth" postcard attached to my computer so I can be reminded every five minutes or so. This will come in handy since Tony is a pod-mate of mine. (Pod: large triangular area with one office in each corner. Jo is my other pod-mate)

Jenny is on the other side of the wall from me, so I keep climbing on my desk to see her and talk to her. I hope I don't fall and break an arm. We had a guy, Gary Diana, do that while hanging Christmas lights 2 years ago and he hasn't lived it down. If we see someone doing something unsafe, we say, "don't pull a Gary Diana". I used to stand on a chair to talk to Abby over the wall, but she's a little too far now =( But at least she's just down the hallway.

On that "Normal" note, I had dinner at my Mom's last night and it just reinforced what a totally wacky family I have. My crazy* Aunt Del asked my Uncle John, "what's that stuff that takes off nail polish?" To which he replied (wondering if this was a trick question), "nail polish remover?" We all laughed at how stupid the question was, then my Mom and my Uncle Pete took turns making up their own questions for the next 5 minutes in a successful attempt to mock the hell out of my Aunt. Here's how it went:

U. Pete: "what's that thing called that toasts bread?"
Mom: "what's that thing that irons your clothes?"
U. Pete: "what's the name of that kind of sweater you pull over your head?"
Mom: "what are those things you slip on your feet at night that are all cushiony?"
Mom: "what's it called when it's time to go to bed?"

These exchanges, while bringing me side splitting laughter, make me question how I got to be so normal... then wonder if I really am. Maybe I'm secretly insane.

*Background on Aund Del: she really is a bit crazy. She was in a very bad car accident about 20 years ago, had to learn to walk and talk all over again, and has been manic depressive ever since.

On another note, I also realized where I got both my food addiction tendencies and my need to push food on others. Here's the list of the food Gram brought to Mom's last night:

Pepperoni Pizza
5th Avenue candy bars
Mounds candy bars
Heath Bites candy
Chocolate Oreos
Stella Doro cookies
and Gummi Bears

... all this AFTER knowing I was bringing Strawberry Shortcake for dessert! I should be the size of a house with this family!

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