Monday, October 01, 2001

Well, the past week and weekend flew by. Finally my sister's shower is over, so I can relax, right? Wrong. Now I get to get worked up about the actual wedding - getting shoes, fitting into the dress, preparing the house for the arrival of my brother and his wife (IF they stay with us) and my Mother-in-law. I am VERY stressed and I don't know if it's from all this wedding activity or from the events of September 11th. Sleep is becoming even more elusive - as I long to stay up and watch a little more tv or read a little more of my magazine. Shallow bits of behavior. Why can't I do something redeeming instead of looking at pictures of Marky Mark in tight leather pants? What's happening to me?

On top of it all, Daniela is a mere 400 or so miles away (in Boston) instead of the usual 2500 miles and I can't even get over there to see her. That sucks.

The Weekend

The weekend did have it's high moments. Friday night we danced the night away at Red as Tony dj'd - and made fun of "leather pant thing" who started off being called "leather pant guy" until we realized he was a she. She must've watched too much Solid Gold as a kid, the dancing was quite over the top.

Saturday was Sherri's shower, which wasn't really "fun", but was nice - alot of hard work followed by SLEEP. I woke back up around 9pm and watched "Return to Me" on DVD. Sobbed like a little kid. Couldn't take the scenes of the dog missing the dead wife. I asked Grizzy if he'd miss me. His eyes seemed to say yes, but I think he'd only miss me for a few weeks, not a whole year.

Sunday was lots more sleep, then cleaning, then "High Fidelity" on DVD. That is a hilarious movie. I love Jack Black. He even made "Saving Silverman" worth my $7. Then we were off to Aaron's birthday party at the bowling alley. I bowled a 129 on my second game, not bad considering I SUCK at bowling. I love the look on everyone's faces after they throw a bad shot, too funny. And it was fun watching Chuck do his special little move (that he doesn't even realize he does) - he swirls his hips twice, then bounces his butt three times - then takes his shot. He does a special little butt wiggle in softball too. Part of what made me fall in love with him =)

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