Tuesday, February 05, 2002

Don't Go in The Water

Just this weekend, Jenny was pondering if Will & Grace was about the "jump the shark" by having Matt Damon on as a guest star. I made her explain the term "jump the shark" as I wasn't sure the meaning. She explained that it is the point at which a tv show does some crazy stunt to get ratings and after that point, the show goes into the toilet and eventually gets cancelled. The term was coined based on the Happy Days episode where Fonzie jumped the shark. (SIDE NOTE: I had the BIGGEST crush on Richie - Ron Howard... long before he went bald... yep, had a thing for red hair and freckles back then)

Anyhoo, today I happened upon a website all about Jumping the shark - www.jumptheshark.com.

The best part about it, you get to vote when you think a show jumped the shark.

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