Saturday, February 09, 2002

Hip Hotels + Cool Toiletries = Frustration

Ok, I'm up late. Can't sleep. Mind racing. Looking up hotel rates for Vegas and LA as the timeshare ends on the 16th but we're in Vegas til the 18th. Most likely will stay with my brother, but it's tempting to see about staying at The Hard Rock Hotel, The Venetian, The Palms, The Bellagio... along with fantasies of driving to LA and staying at one of the many hip hotels with cool, contemporary design (even 5 star hotels in Vegas have cheesy decor)... hotels like The Mondrian... I've stayed there once before, it is the epitomy of high design, but unfortunately, it costs big bucks to be hip... or Maison 140 in Beverly Hills which offers Philosophy toiletries and is actually reasonably priced... or it's sister hotel, The Avalon, which has a special Avalon Chillout Package for $199 per night where you get the Chillout Session cd from Ministry of Sound, a bottle champagne and a 50 minute massage in your room. May not be able to pass that one up...

** rant ** I want to be able to look up hotels by what toiletries they offer or by what type of interior design they have. Why is this so f*in difficult? You'd think would have good info, right? NOPE. They don't even list The Mondrian. UGH. And if a hotel has Kiehl's toiletries (like 15 Beacon in Boston), that's something that would sway my decision. I hate that Bath & Body Works Juniper Breeze sh*t. It smells gross! ** rant over **

My searchings did lead me to this cool website,, to find out the best places to get pamered in NY and LA.

I think I see a market for a website! I'd be able to write off all my travels and stays. JACKPOT. Gonna have to look into that when I get back home.

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