Thursday, February 21, 2002

Jamba Justice

I emailed Jamba Juice today... here's what I said:

"The family vacation was planned. We were going to Las Vegas. I'd been there many times and even lived there for a while, so my excitement was absent. That was UNTIL I checked the Jamba Juice website (I am a Jamba addict who lives in a city FAR from any locations) and saw that there were a few in Vegas.

Thrill set in and I couldn't wait to get off the plane and have my first Orange-a-Peel in 7 months.

Shortly after arriving, I checked the phone book and called. Disconnected. Panic set in. Then, after calling directory assistance, my worst fears are realized... my hopes dashed... they've all been closed.

I can forgive you for closing the stores, I assume business was not up to par (which is beyond my comprehension), but I cannot forgive you for not updating your web site. It is unforgivable and I am still recovering from the wounds.

Please make every effort to keep your web site up to date so no one else has to suffer like me.

And to add insult to injury, I left Las Vegas for Park City, Utah... again with hopes up to visit the Jamba Juice I had frequented every day of my one week visit last year, only to find the sign gone and the windows papered over.

I did finally find salvation on 400 Street in Salt Lake City, but it's been a long hard road.

an addict who wished you'd open a store in Rochester, NY"

They better send me a case of Jamba Juice in a little cooler like the one Jenny got from Dean & Deluca.

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