Tuesday, February 19, 2002


FINALLY, internet access! I've been lost. Anyhoo, quick quick update. Done with Vegas, could have done without Vegas. Very much enjoyed visiting my brother though. Ate at waaay too many buffets. We're not talking normal buffets where you have a few items to choose from... we're talking buffets where you leave your wagon at the door only to have it hijacked by circus performers and not returned for weeks. Choices of food from every type... American, Mexican, Italian, Chinese, BBQ, shakes, and the dessert selections, they're enough to send a diabetic into shock just LOOKING at them.

Anyhoo, I'm fatter and now in Salt Lake. Trying to get all my credentials straightened out as I am currently a peon's peon.

I'm hoping that Grizzy and Punky are not driving Jenny and Aaron insane.

Gotta go.

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