Saturday, February 02, 2002

I've got Bawls

A bunch of us went out tonight, it was a great time. After dinner and Movies on a Shoestring, we went to The Spot Coffee shop. I got a bottle of Bawls. I bought it for two reasons - 1) the bottle is really cool looking and 2) the soda is made from guarana, a small fruit found in Brasil. I had diet guarana soda while in Brasil and liked it alot as I'd normally rather drink puddle water than diet soda.

What I didn't realize, when making the purchase at 10:30pm, is that it's a caffeine drink... you know, where they add a sh*tload of caffeine supposedly for "maintaining peak performance". "BAWLS Guarana is a light and refreshing beverage that gives an exhilarating boost". I drank about a third, it is light and refreshing... and the "exhilarating boost" explains the 12:45am blog, but if I'd have drank it all, I'd be watching the sun rise.

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