Tuesday, June 22, 2004

It's not really Tuesday. Well, it is, but really it's 1:30am and I'm WIDE awake. Good Internet... find me lots of info... Bad Internet... keep me up until all hours. Actually, it might be a chicken-egg thing. Do I stay up late because I'm on the internet? Or do I stay on the internet because I'm up late?

Things that keep my mind racing until 1:45am... Mom, Mom, Mom... did I miss a therapy appointment... that dream the other night about George Clooney (it was all going well until his head got big and ugly)... Christian Bale as Batman - "Holy Religously Named Hottie, Batman!"... the new toy idea Jenny and I had, that might just finally make us rich, and let me quit this job I despise... the ant infestation in my kitchen... middle school ant jokes... remember the one where the kids hear a ghost singing, "I see you're hiney, all white and shiney, if you don't hide it, I'll come and bite it" and it turns out to be an ant floating in the toilet bowl? Anyone? Beuller? Anyone?

With that, I must attempt sleep.

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