Thursday, June 24, 2004

My sis, who is 7 months pregnant (and with her last pregnancy, was hospitalized for 2 months and had the baby 10 wks early), had to go to the hospital today. She had neck and chest pains this morning. She went in at 8am and they did test after test but couldn't figure out what was wrong. Finaly, 12 hours later, they determined that her muscles were deteriorating because her thyroid is low. She is doing better and should be going home tomorrow, but I'm still very worried.

Last time my sis was hospitalized, she was in Rochester and my Mom was alive, visiting her every day. Now she is in Syracuse, with no Mother to comfort her or keep her company, with a daughter at home being "cared for" by a complete and utter Asshole for a husband who instead of telling her "everything is fine", tells her that the baby is "being a bad girl", is "a spoiled brat" and yells at the baby and makes her cry while they're on the phone... i.e., making Sher worry even more about Mya. It breaks my heart. I don't think I've heard him say one nice, not snide thing to her in the 3 years I've known him. Assbite.

I just pray that my sister gets through this safely and then smartens up and leaves his stupid ass. She is a wonderful person, does EVERYTHING for him, and doesn't deserve the miserable bastard turning his misery on her. She deserves to be treated beautifully and be happy.

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