Saturday, June 26, 2004

Better news today. My sis was released from the hospital this morning. I drove to Syracuse, picked her up and brought her home. Her hubby was much nicer to her today too. I don't think he realizes how condescending and accusatory his words and tone of voice can be. He needs to realize and adjust before he does too much damage to the relationship - and my Sis.

So I got to visit with her and Mya, who was still a happy little camper despite Mike making it seem otherwise.

I now feel the need to stay very close by until she's had the baby. She really doesn't have anyone to rely on other than me. Even if her husband wasn't a jerk, he still can't afford to take many days off from work since they live off just his income. My Sister and niece are so precious to me, even moreso now that Mom is gone, and I want to do whatever I can to help them through, as I know they would do for me.

So I got home from Syracuse, changed, and headed off to Jenny & Aaron's Post Wedding Party. It was alot of fun, great food, and FINALLY there was some serious cake-up-your-nose smooshing! Superb!

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