Wednesday, June 23, 2004

I am famous for not seeing anyone famous when I'm in celebrity-infested areas. So when I was out in Vegas and LA last week, I, of course, did NOT bump in to Ben gambling at the Palms or Brad grabbing a latte at Starbucks or (the one I truly hold out hope for), George Clooney buying hair dye at Ralphs Drugs... (mind wanders... "I can help you out with that George, I am quite experienced with at-home coloring"...)

So my brother, who just moved back to LA two days ago, tells me how he was shopping at Whole Foods today (I LOVE that store!!) when the girl in line ahead of him turns around and is... guess who... Drew Barrymore. She asked for help putting her groceries on the belt because she had gotten ahead of her cart. He said she was "perfectly sweet" and "looked fabulous". I'm sure tomorrow he'll be at Jiffy Lube and Leo DiCaprio will be there waiting for the oil change on his Toyota Prius to finish, and they'll chat about basketball.

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