Wednesday, June 30, 2004

So I'm torn between keeping my blog lighthearted or posting what's really happening in my life. Because what's really happening in my life is mostly bad. I'm like "Debbie Downer" from Saturday Night Live.

Not sure if I should post about my "romantic" dreams about celebrities or the news that my brother's Hodgkin's Disease may have returned.

In an effort to keep myself from taking the bridge, I'll take the lighter route.

So I had a "romantic" dream about George Clooney the other night. Alas, it did not turn out as I'd hoped. It started off well... we were at the same movie theater, we made a connection, we looked into each other's eyes... we began to kiss... (still going well), then, suddenly, George's head got much bigger, just at the top, and his hair got very sparse and diseased looking... and the last thing I remember of the dream was thinking, "he's hideous... you don't have to keep going with this just because it's George Clooney..." then I woke up. What a rip off.

A few nights later, things got a little racier with... David Schwimmer... yes, I know, wtf? It's MY dream and I know I wouldn't choose to be fondled by David Shwimmer if I had any conscious control over it. But in actuality, the dream wasn't so bad, David had a way with his hands.

In the non-romantic-but-still-very-strange part of the dream, I was also scanning barcode items with my mouth - boop, boop, boop. Now that would be fun.

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