Monday, June 21, 2004

After much pain, including 3 calls to Time Warner and one call to India (Dell) at 2:30am, I finally got my internet working again. It was painful. I heard phrases I don't ever want to hear again, like "ipconfig" and "winsock".

Had a good weekend. Went to see the live stage show of Hedwig and the Angry Inch. It was great. I especially enjoyed seeing a larger-than-life drag queen run her (his) hands through hubby's hair. Seriously though, it was a top quality off-broadway show with amazing music and some impressive dance moves. I highly recommend it if it comes to your town. Proceeds help the University of Rochester Aids Vaccine research.

My glam rock name is "Diamond Freak". Get your glam rock name from the Hedwig site.

We also went to see the movie Dodgeball. It was hilarious -(aside from the HORRIFIC belly button scene, which nearly sent me into a coma). Jason Bateman was especially funny, though I'm not exactly sure why. If you go, be sure to sit through the credits for the extra scene at the VERY end, it's worth it.

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