Thursday, October 14, 2004

Addicted to Tina

While reading "Details" magazine at the gym, I read that the street names for Crystal Meth (the current drug of choice in Hollywood - or a least as of the publishing of the March issue of Details) are ice, Christina, and, the "cute" version, "Tina".

Does that mean, if I go out to visit my brother and happen to be introduced to a recovering crystal meth addict that they will not even be able to tolerate looking at me for fear they will be induced to partake in what had previously been pulling their life into an uncontrollable abyss?

A Different Kind of Addiction

Something triggered it, I'm not sure what... it had been building for just over a week... the urge, getting stronger... couldn't resist much longer... finally, last night, faced with the opportunity - I could not pass it up.

I bought the bag of oreos, got home, poured a glass of milk and before even acknowledging my husband's existence, immediately started dipping... letting those luscious little round wafers soak in just enough milk so that they were soft yet still in tact... mmmmm

they were worth Every Last Calorie!

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