Monday, October 11, 2004

How Amuuuusing

Spent Saturday visiting sis. We took Mya and Tyler to the LaFayette Apple Festival. I honestly think Mya might have gone on the Ferris Wheel, but she wisely chose the Merry Go Round. (Here's more pix, a few from 2 weeks ago and many from Saturday. Mya loves getting her picture taken and can be quite a ham. Tyler is just starting to notice the world around him.)

Wouldn't want to have a situation like I had at about age 8 when I went on the Zipper, then started screaming like a maniac until my Dad made them stop the ride and let me off. Good thing, because he was seconds from getting barfed on.

Also had a Roundup stopped on my account at age 15. I didn't have to scream, the unnatural purple color my face had turned told them everything they needed to know.

A Real Superhero

A fond farewell to Superman Christopher Reeve. I believe his efforts will some day lead to a cure for paralysis.

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