Thursday, October 21, 2004

One Sox, Two Sox, Red Sox, Blue Sox

Normally I don't really care about sports... unless there's emotion involved. Take the Olympics - national pride, lifelong dreams, horses - and I'm THERE, glued to my TV.

Take an underdog baseball team with a curse on them and there I am, watching baseball at midnight.

But I actually find it very stressful to watch sports when these circumstances exist. The "everything is riding on this pitch" and "this is the most important moment in his life" thing raises my blood pressure instantaneously.

And then, God forbid there's an announcer's jinx statement made - like, "Haibin Teng is flawless on the pommel horse, all he has to do is stick this landing" and boof, he falls - I'm through the roof. I would bet $ that there is a statistical correlation between what an announcer says and what happens in the game, I'm sure of it.

It almost happened during the game last night, but luckily the announcer countered with an equally jinxing statement about the Yankees, so they cancelled each other out. Whew! Go Sox!

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