Monday, February 21, 2005

Pretzels + Chocolate = Yummy

Tomorrow is Cookiepalooza at work - our fifth annual cookie baking contest. I think I won "Best Looking Cookie" last year for my frosted sugar cookies in the shape of ice cream cones.

This year I made Chubby Hubby Cookies. Yes, the name got me (though my hubby is no longer chubby as he has lost almost 30 pounds since last year and is continually shrinking and will soon fit in to my pants at which time I might truly lose my already loose grip on sanity). But moreso, I'm all about mixing pretzels and chocolate.

It started with the White Trash Mix given to us at Christmas - pretzels, crispix, cheerios, nuts all coated in white chocolate. I didn't think I was even going to like it. I was SO WRONG. Now I find myself at home, whipping up a batch as if it's popcorn and I'm sitting down to Colin Firth Fest.

Then Aaron and Jenny introduced me to the Take 5 bar. It was yummy. And now I'm hooked on the idea of pretzels with chocolate.

So I found this cookie recipe that includes pretzels. They're not that attractive, but I'm hoping they are tasty. Funny thing is, after all that, I have no desire to eat one. Perhaps the cookie dough getting in the way of the pretzel truly meshing with the chocolate dampens my desire.

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Sara said...

Hi. I haven't been visiting your site for very long, but I read this post the other day and then I had a dream that I was at the grocery store frantically searching for a TAKE5. Bizarre!