Tuesday, February 08, 2005


At this point, scary, but there's not alot of food that would make me feel happy (usually I can rattle off a long list). My food fantasies are fizzling.

I was going to mail order a Giordano's Chicago Stuffed Pizza, which definitely has potential for momentary bliss, but it was going to cost $41.25 for a 12" pie and I may be desperate, but I'm not crazy.

Matt, coming home for a visit anytime soon? =)


Keely said...

Oh my goodness. It's been years (6) since I've had their pizza and I may just be crazy enough to order or get my fiance to take us to Chicago so we can get us some of that! California is so far!

And the other good thing Chicago has to offer (amongst millions)- Oak Park - Johnnies Beef - italian beef sandwiches with peppers, dipped. Ah. I need a plane ticket.

It's 8:30am and I'm craving stuffed pizza and italian beef sandwiches. I'll look glorious in my wedding dress at this rate!

Paula said...


If you're going to order a Chicago-style pizza, then order one from Lou's! I think they're much better, and check out the website for additional edible Chicago items that can be shipped such as Carson's ribs, Eli's cheesecake, and Portillo's Italian beef! Yum!