Wednesday, February 16, 2005

iPod Me

Got hubby an iPod Shuffle for Valentine's Day. He's happier than a pig in, well, poop. It came in this adorable green box and just seemed to say, "I've been waiting for you my whoooooole life!"

After a few bouts of him singing along to the song that was playing only in his ear, I've started to wonder what I've gotten myself in to here. Though he has multiple talents, singing is NOT one of them. Let's just say, not only should he not quit his day job, he shouldn't subject the shower walls (much less me and the dog) to this spectacle.

But let's be honest here, I'm just jealous. These days, having a white cord flowing out of your ears definitely increases your hip quotient... so needless to say, I am feeling like the nerdy, out of the loop member of this union - a position I am not used to.

I want an iPod!

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