Thursday, May 31, 2001

Brother's Back

My brother Eddie is going in for his 3rd back surgery today. They start by going in through the back, hoping to find the titanium disc (that was put in last year) fused to the bone. If so, they may just need to remove some scar tissue... BUT, if it hasn't fused, things get ugly. They'll have to put screws and things in, then go into his hip and take more bone marrow, THEN turn him over and go in through his stomach to try to remove the titanium disc. If they can't remove the disc from the front, they'll have to leave it and go back in at a later date. YUCK. I'm worried, but he's a strong boy... Jo says "think of the football players"... they're always needing new knees and backs and they come out just fine... Their pain brings me comfort =)

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