Tuesday, December 25, 2001

Congratulations Joel & Lara

Joel and Lara had their babies. Twin girls. Olivia and Leah. Congratulations and many wishes and blessings for health and happiness.

You Won $10,000! NOT!

My Mom always gives scratch-off lottery tickets as gifts, as she did this evening. Then she remembered the cruel joke she played on my brother a few years ago. He had just moved to LA, was totally broke, unemployed (waiting to get back surgery) and was living on a futon at a friend's house who had offered him a place to stay. My Mom sent him a fake lottery ticket. The kind that looks totally real except for some tiny print on the back. He scratched it off... then became ecstatic, thinking he'd won $10,000. He immediately called Mom, proclaiming his joy and excitement at getting a break in life. The only break he got was that of his heart as she told him, "check the back". He cried for two days straight.

Tonight she said, "what was I thinking, sending my poor, destitute son a fake lottery ticket?" Then we all laughed. It's funny now, years later, for US... not sure if he's recuperated.

So if you think I have a demented sense of humor, now you know where I get it from... my crazy Momma ;-)

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