Sunday, December 09, 2001

Squibnocket & Toronto

Jenny and I drove up to Toronto yesterday to have lunch with and go shopping with Squibnocket. It was so much fun.

We met Squib's bunny and hubby (in that order =) and got spoiled with really cool presents. Squib made Jenny and I each a VERY cool hat. We look exceptionally cute in them.

We were going to go the annual Umbra warehouse sale, but the wait was 3 hours out in the cold. Good thing, because I was starting to get hungry and might have had to gnaw someone's arm off. So Squib treated us to lunch, then we caught some cool shops on Queen. The finale came when went to a Japanese/Chinese mall with numerous stores with Hello Kitty, MashiMaro, Tare Panda, ... and all those other EXTREMELY cool Japanese characters like you can find at

I thought Jenny and I were going to pass out. I also, FINALLY, got my lucky bamboo.

I wish Rochester had good shopping. Other than Firehouse 15 and Parkleigh, we just can't get much of the funky stuff or the really cool cosmetics like MAC, Urban Decay, Tony & Tina... thank goodness for online shopping!