Tuesday, December 25, 2001

Wonderful Christmas

What a wonderful Christmas. Last week, I got spoiled with great gifts from my friends and my Sis. This morning, after having breakfast and presents with Chuck's family, went to my Mom & Stepdad's. We watched The Grinch with Jim Carrey. I like the cartoon better. Mom was extremely generous (as usual), not only giving lots of good gifts, but lots of cashola to help fund our trip to Brazil. She also gave me money for a FBPOTM... Thank You Momma!!! ...hmm, wonder if there's a Sephora in Sao Paulo...

We brought Punky (my cat) over too. They'll be kittysitting for the next 2 weeks. Punky (recently nicknamed Pukey) will probably barf all over their house. Hopefully his furball-remedy food and treats will help, but he doesn't like his treats. Picky Punky.

I found myself very sad on the way home. Not sure why. I know I miss my Dad around the holidays and I'm going to miss my family while I'm away, but probably mostly just hormonal.

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