Monday, December 17, 2001

We're Legal

Chunk and I FINALLY got our visas to go to Brazil. I never would have imagined it would be such a pain in the ass, mainly because of where we live. The closest consulates are in NYC, Boston, DC, and Toronto - a minimum of a 6 hour RT drive.

NYC (our jurisdiction) doesn't take applications by mail - they suggested using a service, which tacks about $150 PER VISA onto the regular fee of $45. Basically I could fly down to NYC and get it myself cheaper. And I contemplated that... if only Jetblue hadn't sold out of their $29 each way fares.

Sooo, we decided to get them in Toronto, the closest Consulate. We left at 6am this morning after about 2 good hours of sleep, luckily Chucky let me nap... saintly considering he was dead tired too. The good news, they turned them around in one day for us (they list 3 days). I rewarded them with chocolates. They were very nice and helpful.

On top of that, got to have lunch with Squib. I really enjoy her company! She has a fabulous new hair cut and is getting thinner by the second. Her self control is envious - she even resisted chocolate! She is determined and thus successful... I wish I could be so good... moreso about exercise, just to firm up the jigglies. No one believes I have jigglies because I'm small, but believe me, my thights have more dimples than the Backstreet Boys. Those in Brazil will have the rare opportunity to see. And NO, I will not be wearing a thong bikini... the nightmares abound just thinking about it.

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