Thursday, December 13, 2001

Vroom Vroom

A bunch of us went out tonight for Sarah's birthday (Happy Birthday Sarah!). I made the mistake of having Chai at 8pm and now, at 12:19am, am WIDE awake. If it's not sugar (which kept me up Monday until 2:30am), it's caffeine. Then again, I think I'm just genetically programmed to be a night owl and I should quit my day job (so to speak) and work the late shift at Krispy Kreme. Then I'd be sleepy AND fat.

On summer vacation from school, I'd stay up until at least 2am (yes, Joel, watching late night cable), and sleep until General Hospital came on at 3pm. So, not only do I like to go to sleep very late, I like to sleep for MANY MANY hours. My Mom is the same way. On Christmas morning, my brother would pop up at 6am and beg Mom for about 5 hours to get up so he could open presents (does that sound about right Mom?). I fear my kids will have to do the same for me... either that, or they'll inherit the "sleepy gene" and I'll have to wake them up. I can only PRAY for that!

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