Friday, May 17, 2002

Back to the Cold

Back from Orlando today, to 50 degree weather (which suddenly feels MUCH colder). I was having some really bad flying karma up until today, when things went more smoothly. On my flight back from Colorado last Friday, a belligerent drunk guy was yelling stuff out to anyone who would listen. I was very relieved that he wouldn't be next to me since I had checked into an empty row while he was already in the bar. Skip to the chase, the drunk guy got pulled off, almost kicked off, but they let him back on only to sit, yes... in my row. THANK GOD not directly next to me, but still. He continued to be loud and stupid, but I managed to tune him out.

Then, on my way to Orlando on Monday, I got stranded at the Charlotte airport for 10 hours. I kept contemplating calling Natalie (who lives there) but each time it seemed there would not be enough time. The two hour delays kept coming though and I what was supposed to be a 1:40pm departure turned into an 11:40 departure.

I did start to read a good book - "How to be Good" by Nick Hornsby. Same guy who wrote "About a Boy" and "High Infidelity". So far, it's very funny.

All in all, that was a rough few days.

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