Wednesday, May 29, 2002

Pampered Chef

Though I rarely cook, I love kitchen gadgets. I don't necessarily have a gadget for everything, like Jenny who has a special marshmallow toasting stick, but I do enjoy the special tool here and there.

Pampered Chef has been the source of alot of my faves, such as my food chopper, and tonight I went to a party and got more stuff.

I bought the Deluxe Cheese Grater, which also grates chocolate. I envision serving all kinds of fancy coffees and hot chocolates with grated chocolate on top. I think I will pre-grate a bunch of chocolate just to have on hand for all those this-calls-for-some-grated-chocolate occasions. You can also switch the handedness, so hubby - who's a lefty - can find his inner gourmet chef and whip me up something-involving-something-grated.

I think the first recipe I will try will be Fantastic Focaccia Bread. Mmm.

BTW, Jenny might have a special fork for toasting marshmallows, but she doesn't have an Angelus-Campfire Bar-B-QQ Marshmallow Toaster. It's like a tiny little grill for marshmallows. Nifty!

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