Monday, May 20, 2002

Going Straight

Last week I got an email from a woman with the newspaper. She had read my blog about Thermal Reconditioning and asked if I knew of any place locally that did it, they wanted to write an article about it. Today I read the article to find out that they do it at Shear Ego. I'm a bit perterbed however, since she didn't give me a heads up notice. I had replied to her an email with "if I find anything out, I'll let you know and if you find anything out, let me know." Well, that's a find how-do-you-do, she lets me wait to read it in the newspaper and now I'll probably not only have trouble getting an appointment, but have to pay more since they'll probably jack up their prices as soon as the phone calls start rolling in. Grrr.

Who am I kidding. I can't afford it. Then again, having my hair straightening regime go from 20 minutes to 2 is worth something, isn't it?

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