Wednesday, May 08, 2002

Bad Hair Day

Got my hair cut yesterday... let my stylist try out a longer version of a "new" two-layer cut... I hate it... I look stupid - and that's with it styled by him (and he can make my hair look fabulous). When I go to style it myself I'm gonna look like I cut it myself with the help of a small bowl.

I want to call him and tell him I hate it and to re-cut it, but then I'm afraid he'll get pissed and secretly make it bad (worse) just to spite me.

I really want to get it permanently straightened. This new thermal reconditioning deal seems to be amazing. It should for $500. But alas, not offered anywhere near Rochester.

Why is it that women with curly hair want straight hair and women with straight hair want curly hair? Grass is always greener...

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