Tuesday, May 07, 2002

A Splash of Color - FINALLY

Well, we finally got our mud room painted. We've had the paint for months but have been waiting for nice weather. So yesterday, with Jenny and Aaron's help, we painted one mud room wall deep orange and the others deep dark yellow. I just finished the second coat about an hour ago. It looks pretty incredible.

Keep in mind, EVERY wall in this house and our previous house has always been white. Eleven years of white walls... over. YIPEE. I've gotten enough Metropolitan Home magazines, seen enough episodes of Changing Rooms, and watched Jenny make her house look awesome with color. So I am finally inspired to be daring.

The only bad news, I will probably eat like a pig while doing laundry - both yellow and orange are said to stimulate appetite. My only hope is to paint my kitchen violet or pink. Better yet, maybe I should get a pair of sunglasses with violet lenses. Better yet, maybe I should wear purple contacts. The Violet Contact Lens Diet... genius.... oops, sidetracked.

Soon we will be painting one wall in our bedroom cobalt blue. I think it will look incredible. It's all taped off... just need to find the time... which will be hard to do since I'm going to Denver wednesday for a couple days, then Saturday is Jenny's birthday, Sunday is Mother's Day (I'm making dinner), then Monday I leave for Orlando for a week. It's CRAZY!

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