Tuesday, June 11, 2002

Again with the Hair Straightening

After many hours of online research, reading posts to beautywalk.com, I've decided NOT to get thermal reconditioning done in Rochester. I am going to have to wait until I'm in a big city... or drive to NYC and get it done. Here's why:
  • most posts mention either the Yuko System (patented by the inventor of this type of straightening), Liscio (Magic Straight Perm), or Bio Ionics. No mention of Paul Brown - which is the product/process the salon here uses. From the posts, I assume Yuko is best, but all three can give great results if you have an experienced stylist
  • the stylists at the salon here just learned so they are very inexperienced
  • in the newpaper article and via phone inquiry, they quoted the cost range to be $250-$400; when I went in for my consult, they quoted the lowest cost to be $400 (I think they jacked up the price because of the amount of interest)
  • posts on beautywalk.com suggest that the process has a decent learning curve to get the timing right - so use an experienced stylist (note the common theme)
  • inexperienced stylist + new product/process = NOWAY
So, it seems like my best bet is to either got to VincentJ in Fort Lauderdale, AndersonFrench in NYC, or Yuko Salon in LA. I need now is to win the lottery. Dammit.

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