Monday, June 03, 2002

Not so Good News

Punky had his checkup today, not the best news. His liver number is about the same, down slightly, but his red blood cell count is really low. Before it was normal - 44% - today it was 22% - below 10% is life threatening. He started on special food today (which, thank God, the picky little sh*t likes) so that should help. We can go to every other day with his IV and see how he does.

He's not really getting used to it, he's getting worse. It's not a simple, quick injection. We have to administer fluids with a big (I'd pass out if it had to be used on me) needle for about 5 minutes per spot, three to four spots per session. Chuck swears that Punky "squinches up his skin" to make it harder to find a spot to put the needle. Punky always looks very pissed and lately he turns around and looks at Chuck as if to say, "please, leave me alone". He doesn't hold a grudge though, he's still very snuggly.

Overall, he appears to be doing well, so I won't worry too much... but, well, that's a lie. I will worry.

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