Thursday, June 27, 2002

Food Fantasies

I'm still "on the wagon" - i.e. eating healthy and exercising (exorcising ;-) and I'm actually finding it easy to pass on stuff that is "bad" for me, such as Tim Horton's donut holes... but last night I had these "Red Hot Blues" tortilla chips (they are soooo good) dipped in melted Monterey Jack cheese (Sharp Cheddar works well too). It was almost enough to drive me off the edge... It's the kind of food you just can't "eat in moderation" - you need to eat a whole bag with a pound of cheese to the point of illness until you feel satisfied.

Thus began my most recent Food Fantasy... I can see it now... the cheese gently oozing off the chip and falling back into the bowl... reheating the cheese again until it forms little puddles of cheese grease... the precious little specs of spicy goodness on each chip... mmmmmmmmmmmm.....

The chips are actually a pretty healthy choice... it's just that they need to be slathered in a ton of cheese to create the heavenly combination worth going off the wagon for.

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