Friday, June 07, 2002

Straight and Narrow

I've gotten questions about the cost of Thermal Reconditioning, so here's more details than you ever wanted to know about my hair and the info I got from my "consultation" on TR.

About me and my hair:
  • it's naturally curly but fine/thin, just beyond shoulder length
  • with current cut, it looks like shit curly and I end up wearing it up
  • takes about 15 minutes to blowdry straight, but it's a frizzy, poofy straight so I have to flat iron to get it smooth - ~another 10 min.
  • if I spend 25 min and get my hair straight, sleek & smooth, then get rained on at all, it frizzes and poofs out
  • the newspaper and the quote my sis got in a phone call to the salon said that the cost would range from $250-$400 depending on hair type. With my hair type, I assumed $300 at the most.

What I learned in my consultation:
  • the stylist had TR done on herself ~2 wks ago
  • her hair looked pretty nice (it was dyed black)
  • she determined it could be safely done to my hair (you can't have/get highlights or hair can break off)
  • no more frizz (rain be damned)
  • still need to blowdry to get hair totally smooth, but should cut drying time significantly (her blowdry used to take over an hour, now it takes 10 min)
  • should last 6-8 months as weight of hair will pull regrowth pretty straight
  • process takes about 4 hours
  • basically, they condition your hair, rinse, blowdry, apply more stuff, flat iron it, apply neutralizer, rinse (to get more details, check
  • need to cut a little bit off the ends afterward as it does tend to fry the ends a bit
  • tends to lighten hair a shade or two, but you can get a color rinse right after
  • they give you a special shampoo and conditioner that you MUST use
  • you shouldn't wash your hair for 2-3 days after

  • it will cost me $400!! (apparently the paper was wrong and the base price is $400... I think they jacked the price up when they saw how much interest there was)
So... the pros and cons:
  • $400
  • they're pretty new to it
  • can't wear it curly (but it looks like shit curly anyway, so that's not really a con)
  • Joel thinks "the salon" (heretofore unnamed) that is doing it here sucks and my hair will fall out

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