Wednesday, June 19, 2002

Jamba Jamba Jamba

Back from Denver. Quick trip. Mostly travel and work. But, amidst it all, a shining ray of light that is Jamba.

First let me say that Vanguard airlines is very limiting in two very important elements of my life. Eating and peeing. The gate in KC was secured off from the hallway containing the bathroom and restaurants. So to get food or pee, you have to wait through security again. With no time for that, I practically encurred a bladder infection waiting for the damn "fasten your seatbelt" sign to get turned off so I could go to the bathroom. Then, the only food available to us over the span of 7 hours were a bag of 8 tiny pretzels or a nasty-ass raisin granola bar. Thank GOD I brought pistachios and Love Hearts.

So after arriving in Denver, our first destination was Jamba Juice. I was in 7th Heaven. Kurt was a Jamba virgin and I was concerned that with all my J.J. hype, he might be disappointed (like when someone tells you that Raising Arizona is the best movie ever so you rent it and think, "what the hell kind of crack were they on?"), but it was a success - he was definitely pleased.

After working for the next 6 hours, we made our way to the hotel. We were wiped out, having been awake since 1am Denver time, so in deciding what to do for dinner, I jokingly suggested ordering Jamba Juice, "they deliver". Next thing I know, Kurt was on the phone placing an order (the crack they put in his Razzmatazz that morning obviously did the trick). With a minimum order, we thought it would be cool to get a few different flavors to sample, so I could get a better grip on which ones I liked so I wouldn't ALWAYS order an Orange-a-Peel.

Turned out to be a stroke of brilliance. We got 5 different Jambas: Peenya Kowlada, Kiwi Berry Burner, Banana Berry Blitz, Jamba Powerboost, and Cranberry Craze.

With our renewed energy from the Jambas, we walked over to Dave & Busters where I proceeded to win my very own stuffed Spideyman doll. Spidey and I got quite a few glances from admiring fans at the airport.

And though I thought we may have O.D.'d on the Jamba (though we didn't drink ALL of them), we got one last hit before leaving for the airport the next day. I got a Banana Berry Blitz, my new fave... but quickly realized that my new fave does a good job of distributing blueberry skin into every crevice of my teeth. Joy.

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