Thursday, June 13, 2002


As I was driving home last night, "Fat Bottom Girls" from Queen was playing on the radio. Is it disturbing to any one else that the only guy singing about liking fat bottom girls ("you make the rockin world go round") was gay? A damn cool gay man... but overall probably not too interested any-sized-bottom woman.

Isn't it extremely annoying when this happens: you and another car have to stop in the left lane behind someone turning left, then you put your blinker on to get by them via the right lane and wait for traffic to clear, then when traffic finally clears, the bastard behind you cuts in to the right lane and floors it, trying to prevent your opportunity to cut into the right lane? I was ahead of you, you knew damn I also wanted to cut over... MF*#(&(*@&(*& - you damn well better let me cut in too. Aaaaarrrrgh!

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