Thursday, February 06, 2003

Love Hearts

All my friends know that my favorite candy is Love Hearts and my dilemma that they can only be bought in Canada. Joel was at weggies the other day and found that they had them* for V Day. He had a huge smile on his face as he handed me a whole bag of "Love Hearts". I almost fainted, thinking my favorite-candy-finding problems had been solved. *Alas, they were not the "right" kind of Love Hearts. They were the americanized, less sweet, less fizzy version. Thanks to Joel for trying though.

But then, in looking for images for my blog, I found a web site that sells the real mccoy!!!!!! My previous searches had only led me to a sight where I could buy them from UK for 10x the price. Hallelujah Jesus! I can replenish my supply without having to drive to Toronto (and spend hundreds of $$ - a few $ on Love Hearts and then a couple hundred on all the other cool stuff you can only seem to get in Toronto).

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