Saturday, February 01, 2003

Vegas Baby

Vegas visit is going well. I am staying with my brother, in his new first home, made possible by the money left to us by Mom. She would be so proud of him, it's a gorgeous home set up in the mountains of Vegas. Yet I know he'd live in a refrigerator box if it meant having Mom back. We all would.

My brother makes me laugh until I hurt. He's got Mom's sense of silliness mixed with Dad's wit. By this time next year he will likely be in Hollywood making a name for himself. He's been busy pulling his life together and now it's time for him to pursue his dream. Ok, it's my dream too... Eddie calling me up, "Teen, I'm gonna fly you out next week for this party at George Clooney's house in the hills." I told him to hurry up and make it happen before I'm old and decrepid, since that possibility IS getting closer every day that passes.

I am only down about $10 on the gambling front. I love playing the nickel video poker machines at the Hard Rock - mainly becouse they crank excellent music throughout the casino and it's small and cozy. I'm hoping we get to stop there one more time tonight. I got one more $20 with their name on it, then I'm done.

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