Saturday, March 29, 2003

Drama Ensues

Just as the layoffs at work come to closure and I wonder, for a brief moment, if life might stabilize... more drama ensues. The Stepdad broke up with "The Replacement" (Mom's "best" friend who he hooked up with within two months of her death). He is depressed and feels horrible because she sold her house, moved in with him at his new house, and retired (read: quit) her job.

Should he feel bad? Hell F*in no. She's a complete moron. What kind of idiot thinks a guy who just lost his wife of 28 years is thinking rationally? How low does your IQ have to be to think that he is seriously in love with you after two weeks of "making a connection"? What kind of a money grubbing scab do you have to be to expect this guy to take care of you for the rest of your life?

Nope, no sympathy from me, only loathing. I hate her for making him feel bad. I hate her for making him shave his head and wear khakis. I hate her for decorating his new house with 80's furniture. I hate her for smoking like a feind. I hate her for trying to change Stepdad after Mom liked him just as he was - missing teeth, balding and all. I hate her for being ugly. I'm glad she's gone.

I feel for him. He didn't know how to handle this tragedy, got distracted for a few months, and now has to face the real mourning AND deal with "the replacement" situation. I can't even fathom his emotional pain. I am worried that he may not want to handle it. I want everything to be alright, but I don't see a way for it to be. I'm scared.

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