Monday, November 22, 2004

B-day Pix

I'm finally getting around to posting Jenny's pix from my birthday.

They start with pix from my family pizza party, with Hub, Sher (sis), Mya (niece), Tyler (bebe), Jenny, Gram, Aunt Del, and Deb (stepmom). Most notably, my hammy niece (who has the lovely habit of shoving a finger from each hand waaay up her nose*) and the yummy cake Jenny made.

The pix then switch over to the next day - the kidnapping to Niagara Falls. Note - I didn't know we were going, which is why I look like a hobo, though this doesn't explain why I thought it was ok to go to the mall looking like a hobo.

*In my naivety, I didn't think MY niece would do something so unseemly, so unsophisticated, so disgusting, SO two-years-old... as if I didn't get photographed picking my army green flowered bell bottoms out of my butt at age 5.

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