Monday, November 15, 2004


Yesterday, under the guise of going shopping, Chuck, Jenny, & Aaron took me to Casino Niagara for my birthday.

I thought that Chuck missing the exit toward the mall was too good to be true, yet I held fast to the idea that he may have made his one annual mistake.

Further down the road, I realized that a surprise was being deftly executed. I called them out on it, then began guessing... "are we going to the Jello Museum?"... "are we going to Six Flags?"... "are we going to the Buffalo Zoo?"... "are we going GAMBLING?!!" YESSS!

We played slots, lost, then played blackjack. Chuck and I were doing so well, Aaron got in on the action. Chuck and I were up about $100 bucks at one point after about an hour of play, but in two shakes of a rattlesnakes tail, we were down $15 and called it a day. Aaron left the table a winner, making up for the losses at the slots. All in all, a good gambling day.

The fun evening was capped with dinner at the Hard Rock, a sundae with a sparkler, the servers singing happy birthday. Redemption from last year, "The Incident at Rainforest", when I was denied my "Volcano Spectacle", despite many attempts by Aaron to remedy the situation. I could only handle so many crowds of singing servers walking up to what appeared to be my table yelling "VOLCANO" only to turn at the last second and bring it to the tables next to, behind, over near ours.

It was a great surprise and alot of fun. I'm a lucky girl.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Tina!! We don't get any pictures? ;) How much fun though! Sorry you lost.. Did you get any fun gifts?

Tina*:) said...

Happy Birthday My Sweet!

You really are loved, Tina Girl*:)

Aprille said...

Happy Bday!!!!

Mary said...

What a great surprise outing!

Happy birthday Tina!!