Sunday, November 07, 2004

I love LA, or Not

I love some of it. I enjoy the food - Jamba, In-N-Out, Lola's Mac & Cheese. I enjoy the view of the hills. I enjoy the weather. I definitely enjoy the shopping (helloooo Sephora)! I enjoy the openness and tolerance for alternative lifestyles. I enjoy hanging with my Brother who can make strangers laugh and drives even more "strategically" than me.

I don't enjoy the traffic, the crowds, but especially, I hate the "velvet rope" situation that occurs. I don't like feeling like less of a person because I'm not famous (or slutty).

My Bro asked his friend, who works at the Mondrian hotel, to get us on the list for the Skybar (the pool area turns into a club at night). Well, the friend forgot, so when Eddie and I got there, we were, as he says, "treated like hobos" and turned away. I hate a doorman delusionally thinking he is powerful and important because he tells people they can't get in.

Eddie and I have agreed that we will never attempt to go to the Skybar again, on the list or not, and will never stay at the Mondrian. So when he is a huge celebrity, I'm sure he will tell them to kiss his shiny butt cheeks.

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