Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Rock the Vote

It was a bit surprising to me to realize that the last time the Sox won the World Series (prior to 2004), women did not have the right to vote. You've come a long way baby.

I was outraged at one of my magazines that had an article about celebrities that could run for president. The first one they listed was Madonna. That reformed skank wouldn't stand a chance. Then again, I think there's been a few presidents who have been reformed (or full blown) skanks.

The article (if you can call it that) also listed Ben Affleck and said he's "already got the ladies' vote". Honestly, any moron who thinks we'd vote for a guy just because he's good looking needs to have a cookie with his lobotomy. Eye candy has it's time and place, but the White House is not it. I want my President to be a Rocket Scientist, not a beefcake.

It's serious business, but sometimes you have to laugh: Election Day humor.


Tina*:) said...

Tell it like it is, Baby!

betsy said...

It's sad, but a woman I work with said she's voting for Kerry because she thinks Edwards is cute. I bit my tongue seeing as how any vote for Kerry is the right vote (in my book). If she'd been voting for Bush because she thought Cheney was cute, then I would have had to question her . . . for so many reasons.

Tina said...

Well, just proof that that are not-so-bright and shallow people of all genders!