Thursday, November 04, 2004

Viva La Scorpios

November is a busy birthday month in my family. Yesterday was Mom's birthday. Sis and I went to her grave and sang to her. It's still hard to believe she's gone.

Sunday is my brother's, next week is mine.

Traditional Scorpio Traits

Determined and forceful (sometimes)
Emotional and intuitive (very)
Powerful and passionate (on a good day)
Exciting and magnetic (after a couple cocktails)

On the dark side...

Jealous and resentful (jealous: no; resentful: damn right)
Compulsive and obsessive (about food: yes; about cleaning: NO)
Secretive and obstinate (nope)

For three related Scorpios, we were all quite different. My brother seems to fit the stereotypes, Mom and I were much more similar, more mellow.

I'm off to LA tomorrow to visit Eddie for his birthday. I've asked for "no drama", since, like a true Scorpio, he seems to be a magnet for it...


Princess and the P said...

I think it's beautiful that you and your sister sang to your mother. :) I bet she appreciated it.

- Nicolette

Aprille said...

J is a Scorpio, too, and that seems accurate.

Both Sonny and I are Virgo's. Maybe that's why we clashed so much as kids....

Tina said...

Chuck is a Virgo - Virgos and Scorpios make good love relationships =)

mamastal said...

What day is your b-day? Mine is the 16th!! Scorpios Rule!!!!