Thursday, November 11, 2004

National Treasure

Went to the premiere of National Treasure monday night. It was a fun movie - especially if you like action/adventure or if you're a history buff.

My notorious bad-celebrity-spotting-luck held true. While I did see some celebs (including Olympic athletes), most were not very close. And as I perused the red carpet photos, I realized there were alot that I didn't even get a peek at.

There were a few that might have said "bless you" and wiped their arm had I sneezed - Patrick Swayze (and his brother), Crispin Glover, Jerry Bruckheimer, and Justin Gatlin, the gold medal winner - he seemed very nice.

I saw a few others from a distance, including Nick Cage and Justin Bartha - who steals the show in this movie with his excellent comic timing, IMHO.

Also saw alot of other olympians, including Annia Hatch (the gymnast) who looked as though she'd had a few too many (not that there's anything wrong with that as long as you're not driving - Michael!).

More pix here...


Tina*:) said...

Lucky you for both attending the premiere [I can't wait to see National Treasure--I have the idea it's an Indiana Jones type movie!] and for keeping up the "B" List Spottings!

Anonymous said...

hey, nice review!
i've done a website 4 Justin Bartha, and there's also a Forum.
Unfortunately there're still a few news about this talented actor, but i think there'll be more soon!
Sil from Italy