Sunday, October 08, 2000

Bjork Movie = BAD

To put it bluntly, I thought the Bjork movie sucked. Bjork's acting and singing was wonderful, but not great enough to make me appreciate the pain in my butt (literally) from sitting through it for almost two and a half hours. It wasn't funny, it was frustrating, it went on and on forever, and they did that shakey camera thing that nearly made Jenny throw up on the shoes of the rude woman she had to pass to get out of the theater. The woman told her, "next time make your friends move". I still think Jenny should have said, "oh really, well maybe I... blehhhhh blehhhh blehhhhhhhhh" and boked on her. Oh well. Now THAT would have made going to the movie worth it! =) I do think that if they condensed the movie down by about an hour, it might have been good.

I still prefer a comedy over all movies. I want to laugh dammit, is that so wrong? I don't want to be faced with any depressing realities - or depressing fantasies for that matter - when I go to the movies. There's enough crap in this world - I want a movie to make me forget all of it and laugh, laugh, laugh. Let's just say that if you could actually laugh your ass off, I'd be looking pretty good right now.

If you want to see a GREAT movie that makes you laugh, go see "Almost Famous", it's a wonderful film - lighthearted, not too deep, but FUNNY. I also hear (firsthand from a lady in line at the Toronto Film Festival) that "Best in Show" will have you constantly cracking up. That movie opens next week. I WILL go see it and I WILL laugh.

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