Monday, October 23, 2000

Friday Night and the Weekend's Here

[Intro music] Heeeyyy Mr. DJ keep playin' that song, on and on and on [end music]. Well, Friday came and went and it was FUN. First we had the Halloween party. The big hit was Jo's icky food Mr. Kreeps story - you know, the kind of thing where you put food items in a box and people reach in and they feel like body parts? It was wild - toes (little pickles), fingers (french fries with almonds for fingernails), intestines (ramen noodles)... a brain (I think Jo actually went and got a brain from a butcher... just kidding, she had a jello mold). There were many squeals and squirminess, then we let the kids try and they were a little less impressed ;)

Then Abby and I hit the Bug Jar to hear Tony DJ. I wasn't going to dance but I had hit the sauce (Abby drove =) and was feeling pretty good, so I just followed Ab and Andy out to the dance floor and didn't stop for 2 hours straight! Woo hoo, let me tell you, I was feeling the burn Saturday... I felt like I'd done 4 step classes in a row. I probably look like a dweeb, but I have such a good time dancing. I hadn't been dancing since Abby's birthday party (when she hit the sauce ;), so it was a welcome night out. Big thanks to Ab for being DD and taking care of me =) I'll consider Friday a warm up evening to get ready for VEGAS - yeah, baby. "There's no sleeping in Vegas. "

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