Wednesday, October 25, 2000

Leaving Las Vegas

Ok, I'm not leaving Las Vegas yet, I'm leaving FOR Las Vegas - today (that damn insomnia again!!). Woo Hoo! Broke open Piggy and counted up $67 worth of gamblin loot. If I hit the megabucks, you can bet your mega-ass I won't be coming back!

I'm mainly going because my brother Eddie (Spaghetti) is getting married on Sunday. His fiance (who he calls "Skippy" so much, I'm lucky I know her real name is Christina), is living there at the moment. They met there when they both worked at the Star Trek exhibit. I never thought my brother (who was a total skank from age 13 to age 30) would find a woman who would put up with him let alone marry him, but he has.

Ah, the memories of my brother's days as a teen hearthrob, which ultimately led to his days as a male slut... In high school, I walked down the hallway and saw, written across 28 lockers, "Eddie A is mint!". I'd often sit down at a desk in one of my classrooms to find "Tanya loves Ed" or "Susan [heart] Eddie" scribbled on it. I made friends because they wanted to meet my brother. I was considered stuck-up because, even though I was shy, I had a popular brother so my shyness was mistaken for conceit. I'd answer the phone 10 times a day - it was always a girl for him - and it was often a girl he didn't even know. When he was a bit older and living in Las Vegas, I'd be out for a visit and proceed to meet many of the seemingly endless conquests of this boy. Sometimes "hitting it" with 3 different girls in a day (though, in his words, ALWAYS wearing a "Jimmy Hat"). Oh yeah - and it was always fun when we'd be out and he'd spot some hotties and then find some way to mention that I was his sister - so they'd know he was available. That was always fun. But for the last two years, the boy has been perfectly loyal and very happy with Skippy, his little "piggy-nose" girl.

Now that I've aired my brother's dirty laundry online (thank goodness he doesn't have the URL =), I just want to say that he and Skippy are great together. I love them both very much and know that they will have a long, happy, fun, witty, romantic, loving marriage.

Hoo Hoo Hoo

Oh, and apparently, in the Poohsonality test that Jenny led us to, I'm an Owl. Which basically means I think I know it all and I am prepared to tell others all about it. So apparently I should tell Joel that of course there are Poohs and Piglets in the world, they're just not together enough to go online and take poohsonality tests.